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Homework is due this MONDAY May 4th, in class! We will go over the questions and talk about any that the students had problems with.

This week in math

We are focusing on measurement of all types. This includes customary (inches, feet, yards) and metric (grams, kg, meters, km, etc.) Please support your children's learning by pointing out measurements in everyday life or letting them help you with that spring project.

Students made a conversion fan in class to help them study and guide them with homework.

New Homework will be sent out today and will be due Monday May 11. (That is 9 days.)

Measurement Mini-Olympics

We will be holding a measurement mini-Olympics. For this we need:

Paper Plates


4-5 sponges


Cotton Balls

If you can help with any of these materials that would be amazing! Also if you would like to help, volunteer, or just support your child during the mini-Olympics please respond via


Measurement Mini-Olypmpics

Friday, May 15th, 8:15-11:30pm

241 Merrimon Avenue

Asheville, NC

Room 300

First block: 8:15-9:15

Second Block 9:15-10:25

Third Block: 10:25-11:35

Becoming Peacemakers