Summer of Science: At the Beach

Lake Forest Beach

What kind of science, earth, life or physical, does your picture represent and why?

I went to the Lake Forest beach a lot with my friends. I think the beach is life science, in my condition. I chose life science because of the seagulls, they were everywhere. We saw them by our towels and in the water. Also there are underwater and above water plants that are all around the beach. Don't forget the little minnows swimming by the shoreline of the shallow water.

Most interesting part of my visit.

When I go anywhere with my friends we always have an interesting time. When we go to the beach we do handstand contests to building sandcastles. One day when we got to the beach it was super hot so we went in the water. We went in gracefully like most girls, and when we got in we saw a seagull eating a fish. We saw the whole thing even when the seagull grabbed it! It was so cool and definitely life science.

3 things about me!

So most of my friends say I am an open book, but here are some things you might not know about me. When I was younger I had epilepsy, but when I was 9 I grew out of the disease. Also, I do to competitive swim team, I swim for the Cats Aquatics team, and they have more than 500 people on the team! This year I was good enough to make it to the championship team. The last fact about me is I love school, but I don't like waking up early. Those are some facts about me.