Football Dance

The Gray Middle School Dance is Coming Soon!

Gray Middle School Social

The Gray Middle School dance is so fun that you'll never want to leave! When you get to do the dance you can meet up with your friends and play an assortment of different activities. Oh, and no biggie, but there's cheap food! Pizza! Racks of all sorts of candy on display! The soft drinks are practically unlimited! Then after you think you've had all the fun you can, they walk you to Ryle for the football game! All your friends are there and more! So come to the dance, it's worth it.

Football Dance

Friday, Oct. 2nd, 5pm

10400 U.S. 42

Union, KY

There's Dodge ball, Basketball, Dancing, Hanging in the courtyard. So much food, I just can't even name all of the types of food and candy and soft drinks. Yeah, its that intense. Starts at 5:00 and ends whenever your parents pick you up! But make sure to turn in the form with your parents signature!