Daily Duties

COSM Dean's Office

Remember to do these things daily

  • Punch in and out of ADP.
  • Change the date on the stamp.
  • Check for mail in the "Incoming" mail tray.
  • Check the "Work to be Done" tray periodically.
  • Check the "To be Filed" tray periodically.

Making Copies

  • Always check to see if a document is double-sided before copying.
  • Always *duplex copy unless told otherwise. *If there is more than one page that needs to be copied, make copies that are front and back.

Weekly Duties

  • Check the paper in the copy machine - add paper if needed.
  • Check/empty recycle bins in the break room weekly or as needed.


  • Faculty files need to be hole punched and filed in the appropriate section of the folder under the file clasps.
  • Do not leave documents loose in the files.