Banned Books Week

Celebrate Your Freedom to Read

“We must teach students about their First Amendment rights rather than restrict their use of particular books and materials. As educators, we must encourage students to express their own opinions while respecting the views of others.”

—Protect Our Freedom of Speech, Teach It?, Pat Scales

Free access to ideas builds an informed and open-minded society of lifelong learners. With the freedom to read comes the freedom to think for yourself! Be curious, be creative, and always read!

Visit your school library this week to celebrate and exercise your freedom to read, write, speak, and learn.

Why Banned Books Week?

Banned Books Week is a time to speak out against censorship and proclaim your love of reading. When books are banned or challenged, access to ideas and information is limited. Read more here:

ALA's Banned Books Week Website

How to Participate

  • Read a banned or challenged book that's right for you. Come see us for suggestions!
  • Share your ideas with a review in Destiny
  • Enter the #RebelReader Twitter Tournament (13 and up). Use #perkreads in your entries!
  • Participate in the Virtual Read-Out - come to Carnegie Library to make your video to add to our Virtual Read-Out playlist on YouTube (13 and up)