WL Weekday Newsletter

Toddlers & Twos - Buckhead Church

Hello Parents!

First, thank you so much for your grace and patience as our teachers and subs navigated the challenges of not having Ms. Gabby (Mon and Tue) and Ms. Ashley (Wed and Thu) with us.

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Lisa handled the stress and chaos really well and we are so proud and grateful for them. We hope and pray nobody in our team get sick for a while!


Despite the lows of our week, our kids enjoyed walking up to the second floor with the rope, throwing snow balls at a star target, painting black and white, maneuvering through an "obstacle course" with black and white yarns, drawing circles, sorting jackets and hats, matching mittens by color, making circles with play dough and joining Ms.Julie's and Ms. Suzanne's class for a dance party.

This week we will wrap the month with fun activities we weren't able to do last week such Kittens and Mittens Nursery Rhyme with puppets; "mittens" hide and seek; stars and play dough; "Going on a Bear Hunt" book and review.

News Feed

Sweet Addelyn: Such a talker and big helper!

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We are moving!

Our kids are growing and so the need to have a classroom that better suits their needs. Starting this Monday, we will be in Room 107 (right across from our old classroom).

Please continue to drop their snacks, cups and lunch boxes in the corresponding bins.

We need your help

We've noticed a large number of folders missing. Would y'all please let us know if your child needs a new one? The use of the folder helps us stay organized and, as part of North Point Ministries, we want to be excellent and irresistible in everything we do ;).

Transition to cots

This week, we will start transitioning our kids to cots. If possible, please send a cozy blanket, a security blanket or stuffed animal of your child's preference and a pillow.

We will keep all of that for the week and send home on Thursday to be washed.

Y'all can tuck everything inside the pillow case if it makes easy to transport ;).

Wrapping up...

- If y'all notice that we accidentally put in your child's bag something that doesn't belong to him/her, would you please send it back to school?

- If there's anything we didn't cover today, please let us know. We would love to hear your questions, comments and feedback.

Have a great week and we will see you in the morning!

Ms. Gabby - Ms. Ashley - Ms. Alicia - Ms. Lisa