Nutritious Life Cycle

Stay Healthy In Every Age

Pregnancy / Lactation

™Diet During Pregnancy:

A pregnant women should follow a nutritious diet consisting of a variety of foods. She should build the diet around the Food guide Pyramid.

Infancy / Early Childhood

™Nutrition in Infancy and Early Childhood:

Infants and preschool children need good nutrition to grow and develop normally.

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™ Nutritional Needs of Preschool Children:

A diet consisting of foods from the Food Guide Pyramid should supply sufficient nutrients. Nutrient needs vary from child to child, depending on growth and activity.
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School-aged Children

™Nutritional Needs of School- age Children:

The school-age child should eat foods from all the food groups. Children ages nine and over need a third serving from milk group everyday.

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Teen-aged Children

™Nutrition Needs:

Snacks often count for one-fourth of a teens total daily calorie intake. Fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat cheese and yogurt, and sandwiches make nutritious snacks.
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Adults / Elderly

™ Nutrition in Adulthood:

Energy needs decrease, as people become older. Adults who live active lives require more calories and adults often have jobs.

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