Ana Aragon

Background Information

The capital of Jamaica is Kingston. Four major cities in Jamaica are Montego Bay, New Kingston, Spanish Town, and Portmore.


Jamaica gained independence in 1962. Jamaicas official language is English but they do not speak English fluentley. Another language Jamaicans speak is patois. Jamaican flag is yellow black and green. In the middle of the flag is a yellow x across the middle with black and green triangles on the top and bottom and on the sides.

Geographical information

Political Information

Jamaica is a democracy government. Jamaicas leader is Queen Elizabeth the second. Queen Elizabeth ll is eighty-nine years old.

Economic information

Jamaicas currency is the Jamaican dollar. Jamaicas economic system is capitalism.

Tourist information

People should visit Jamaica because it is very beautiful and there is lots to see. Tourists should visit the Dunns River Falls and Park. They should also visit Bluefields Beach Park.