7 Thomas-Allen News

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It's been a busy few weeks in Year Seven! I would like to commend students for their outstanding focus and care towards their work.

Homework times - A gentle reminder that homework should take around an hour if work is productive in the classroom. While there may be times that students would like to spend an extra 20-30 muinutes on completing a task, several hours is not acceptable. Please encourage your child to stop and write a quick note in the diary to let me know. As I mentioned earlier this year, it is important that I know if students are spending too long on a piece of work.

Assessment tasks - Please sign and return to school assessments as they come home. They are organised in folders in the classroom. They are a good opportunity to discussion with your child about their achievements.

Water bottles - Please encourage your child organise their water bottle for school. Students are discouraged to leave the classroom during instruction time and being fully prepared will help with this.

Music tuition - Students who attend instrumental lessons are on a rotating timetable to prevent them from missing the same subject each week and to minimise disruption to other classes.

The intrumental timetable can be accessed at:


Individuals and Societies

Students have been investigating sustainability issues the River Murray faces as a part of their term's work. We researched our own inquiry questions and presented them by creating a SketchNote. This style of presentation was new to the class and they did a great job. They all look awesome and will be on display in our classroom shortly.


Over the last few weeks we have been looking at how solutions are special mixtures. A mixture is a solution if the substances that make it up are spread more or less equally throughout each other i.e. one is not sitting on the bottom, or one is not sitting at the surface. Coffee + water is a mixture and it is a solution because the coffee is equally spread throughout the water.

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In a mixture that is a solution one substance (the solute) is spread equally (or is dissolved) throughout another (the solvent). A very common solvent is water. We placed different amounts of water and food colouring from an eyedropper onto white plastic spoons and examined at what point the food colouring became visible.

The dissolving time of an Alka-Seltzer tablet can be estimated by timing how long it takes to stop ‘fizzing’. Factors that may affect the dissolving time include the temperature of the water, the size of the pieces of Alka-Seltzer, and the amount of stirring. We tested these variables and came up with some interesting results!

The Philosophy Question Quadrant

The Question Quadrant is a powerful tool that we have been learning about in our Library lessons to generate questions. The purpose is to initiate and model the types of questions that can be used to produce in-depth discussion. The Quadrant can be used to distinguish closed and open questions that relate specifically to the text; or closed and open questions that stimulate curiosity. We have been able to expand our questioning in our subject areas, particularly Humanities and English with our class novel.

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Below states what is expected in regards to our Uniform Policy. Most students are doing a great job!


· Boys and girls hair no shorter that a No 3 comb

· Collar length hair must be tied back at the nape of the neck at all times

· Extreme styles such as undercuts, mohawks, extremes in colours, topknots are not permitted


· Standard black leather lace up only

· No black slip-ons, sandshoes or canvas shoes


· 2 small plain gold or silver studs in ear lobes only

· No jewellery other than a watch and a small cross

Skirt length

To the top of the knees