Deb Fischer (NE)

Senate Profile

Pros & Cons of the Keystone Pipeline


-will bring essential infrastructure to North American oil producers.

-provide jobs for many Americans

-long term energy independence

-economic boost to Americans


-could essentially be bad for the environment

-will negatively affect local and national economies

-unemployment will rise

-poor & working people will be disproportionally affected

Pros & Cons of Increasing Minimum Wage


-will put money towards the people who actually need it.

-boost consumer spending

-accelerate the nation's economic recovery

-increase employee productivity


-first time workers face risk of getting a job

-all teens will be harmed by the increase

-compels businesses to cut back on their workforce

The Platform of U.S. Senate member Deb Fischer

-Supportive of the United State's agricultural land.

-Member of the Environment & Public Works Committee.

-Stands for defending the United States and is supportive of fully funding our critical defense priorities.

-Believes that "out of control" government spending needs to be cut.

-Keeping our boarders secure is a primary responsibility of the federal government.

-Strong supporter of the 21st Amendment & the right to bare arms.

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Deb Fischer

-Born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska.

-Graduated with a degree in education.

-Known for her conservative & environmental stewardship.

-First elected to the Valentine Rural High School board.

-Then elected president of the Nebraska Association of School Boards.

-In 2004 she was elected to represent the 43rd Legislative District.

-Elected U.S. Senate in 2012.