Respecting others on the web

If you want to be respected, respect the ones around you.

The use of profanity is not necessary, so do not use it under any circumstances.

No flaming : in other words, don't start any arguments or fights that could end up all over the internet.

Avoid using capital letters all the time, it makes it seem as if you are yelling/shouting.

Don't spam excessively. Spam messages are messages or posts that have the repetition of a particular word of phrase. In some places, spam is illegal.

Spell every word correctly and proofread your messages to add credibility to your messages and posts.

Use discretion. Avoid offending people, especially people you do not know.

When other people make mistakes, be forgiving. Don't overreact over something small, such as the misplacing of an apostrophe or the omission of a full stop.

When you say something, mean it! Don't say something that you wouldn't say to someone in person. It's important to remember this, because when you talk or do actions on the internet, people can't see your facial expressions, and they don't know if you are just joking around or if you are serious.

Do not write a long, tedious paragraph. If you want others to read what you say and want them to understand, keep your messages brief.

If someone does something entirely wrong or something that violates the law, you need to report them. it is important that any significantly wrong actions or words are used, adults are notified.

Finally, remember that you are not completely unknown. Anything you say or do can be traced back to you, so be careful of what you do or say.

Respect. Remember. Report.

By Jovitta and Amy