Bayley Scales

Of Infant and Toddler Development, Third Edition

Looking for a single, comprehensive assessment of early childhood development?

You know how important it is to identify and address development issues as early on as possible, and the BAYLEY-III is the unrivaled tool to examine all the facets of a young child's development.

Written by Nancy Bayley, Ph.D. and Published by Pearson Assessments

bayley-iii at a glance:

Over the span of 30-90 minutes, this test assess infants and toddlers (aged 0-42 months) over five developmental domains:

Adaptive Behavior, Cognitive, Language, Motor and Social-Emotional skills.

what does this test measure?

The Bayley-III is designed to measure the developmental functioning of infants and toddlers. The Bayley-III can help users monitor a child's developmental progress by identifying possible developmental delays and/or inform users about a child's specific strength or weakness.

user eligibility

Qualified test users generally have successfully completed official training in the use, administration and interpretation of standardized tests and other assessment tools. Additionally, user eligibility is dependent on having training in infant and/or child development along with educational training explicitly in regards to assessing young children and working with parents.


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