Cool Facts about flower garlands!

Traditional Flower Garlands in India

This video shows all the traditional flower garlands in India
In India, it is tradition for a bride in Southern India to wear jasmine blossoms in their hair. In northern India, the grooms wear jasmine blossoms in front of their faces. During a wedding in India, the bride and groom exchange flower garlands. They also bring flower garlands to church. It is also important and traditional in every festival. It also worships Hindu deities. In India, the garland flowers is a symbol of spirituality, marriage and honor.

The 3 defininitions of a garland flower is:

1- Butterfly Lily

2- A widely cultivated low evergreen shrub (Daphne cneorum) with fragrant pink to rose-red flowers in dense terminal clusters

3- A health (Erica persoluta) of Southern Africa

There are many ways to use flower garlands. They can be used for decorations for parade floats, weddings, holidays, tables, and can be used for dress-up, for decorating a casket, and some others.

They have been around in Europe since 1,000 CE, Ancient China since 207 BCE, and in Ancient Egypt since 2,500 BCE.


Did you know that flower garlands were found on King Tut's chest?
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The photos (above) show some of the ways that people might use flower garlands.
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