Disney World

Anna Manuel

A few summers ago I went to Disney World. We drove to the airport really early in the morning. It was the first time I had ever flown on an airplane and I was very exited. There was a long wait and then we finally got on the plane. When we got there it was very loud with laughter and shouting, it was also very big.

Some of my favorite rides were the Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain, and The Haunted House. I also liked Space Mountain. My very favorite out of all of those was the Tower of Terror though. I liked the Tower of Terror because of the adrenaline rush it gave me! I would say all of the rides were super fun.

At the end of each day we would go back to the hotel and swim. The hotel was part of the resort. It was small but comfy. There were lots of cute shops around. There was also a little parade. I had a lot of fun at Disney World.

It was a little sad when we had to leave. We drove to the airport. Then we got on the plane. Once we got home my dog was so happy to see us. Now I have a pen for a souvenir.

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