Yumolicious Bakery

Katie Archey & Izzie Cohn

Six Business Activities

1. Generating Ideas: Our business is a Bakery. We make muffins, cakes, bread, cupcakes and any other pastries you can think of. We do personalized pastries for weddings, parties and any other special event.

2. Raising Capital: The money that we are going to use to get our business started is loans from our family. We might even take some saved up money out of our accounts and loans from banks.

3. Employee and training: We could spread the word around town about how we need workers by making homemade posters. If we hire a person, they need to have a food handlers license and they need to be a good student or if they are an adult, they need to have a good record on them. For training, we will need them to take some baking classes and then we can teach them how to make the things our way.

4. Buying Goods and Services: To get the food supplies we need, we will go to Sam's Club. For the cleaning supplies we can also get that from Sam's Club. We can get the cash register and other things we need from Sam's club too.

5. Marketing Goods and Services: To market our business, we will put ad's in newspapers and magazines. We could make homemade posters with material from our houses and hang them all around the town. The estimated cost for all this is is $300-$400.

6. Maintaining Business Records: To track orders and payments, we will do this by ourselves by using Microsoft Excel. For tracking our taxes we will use Turbo Tax. For customer information, we will use the computer.


Our business is a partnership. We chose to be a 2- woman partnership because we would expertise from more than one person with baking experiences. Two people would also contribute to the funds and investments towards the company. Some disadvantages of being a partnership is there is no protection for personal assets and if a partner leaves or dies the partnership is gone.


5 goals:

  1. To be a successful business with the community
  2. To get a lot of business from customers and maybe even other businesses
  3. Never have to owe debt to the state
  4. A lot of customers giving good reviews to their friends and family and getting the word around about our business
  5. Have a lot of out- of- towners come and enjoy our businesses delightful treats

Mission Statement

We started this business because we wanted everybody else in the community to enjoy our fantastic baking. We wanted to be able to give people what they wanted for cheaper prices than most bakery's.

Our Friends

We call each other friends because we are all working together to get this business going and to get the baking done. We are not just people who work together, we a people who enjoy seeing each other and working together.

Our Bakery items

It will always be about the quality and look of our bakery yummy-ness(our food). We never want a cupcake to be decorated poorly and nor do we want a loaf of bread to be flat and black instead of fluffy and golden brown.

Our Customers

When people first heard about our business and started coming, they passed the word around about our just starting business and how we wanted people to come in and have a taste of yumolicious bakery. Sure, customers want perfectly baked cupcakes and bread, but when they walk in, they see a smiling face and when they walk they have a smiling face because we are kind to our customers.

Our Stores

We have just recently opened our first business but we want to be able to open another one around town sometime in the future.

voice recorded mission statement

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Commercial for Yumolicious Bakery