Middle Adulthood.

Sammy, Precious and Yami

Heredity and Environmental factors

  • People tend to look both backward on their youth and forward in expectation of remaining years of their lives.
  • Maturity- the ability to adapt to the inevitable changes that happen in life.
  • Changes are natural.
  • When children leave the household, that can truly affect the parents.

Social and emotional development

  • Children are born, grown up and eventually leave home.
  • With generativity vs stagnation, generativity is reaching out to give to and guide the next generation. Stagnation is the negative outcome of midlife.
  • This is when they usually reach their goals.
  • Could also experience "midlife crisis".
  • Receiving grandchildren.

Role of Communication

  • Many adult couples find effective ways of improving their ability to communicate.
  • Communication establishes and nurtures intimacy within a relationship.
  • Friends provide a healthy alternative to family and acquaintances.
  • Communication realistically leads to a satisfying and healthy relationship.
  • When children leave the house, and do not reconnect with parents, it's called empty nest syndrome.

Morals on Social Development

  • Develop "a heightened awareness of mortality and a desire to use the remaining time more wisely."
  • Seek to advance in their occupation and climb the ladder of success.
  • May make a few external changes.
  • Feel a responsibility for the current generation.
  • Retirement may occur.


  • Still must interact with their children, even if they're adults.
  • If they have grandchildren, must interact with them.
  • They need to realize that they must now become psychological than physical.
  • They are more wise than they were younger, have more knowledge with life. Can help others with advice, issues, etc.


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