Sinead Alanah Murphy 22 March 2004


Mother: Renee Murphy

Father: Stephen Murphy

Siblings: Maddison Murphy

Most Amazing Achievement

Sinead Murphy made under 10 As Gold Coast Touch and also wone the entire competion. She also made 12 As rep team in 2015 and is currently training now.

The Journey

Sinead Murphy has been playing touch at southport tigers for six years. She was in the Gardian Angels stars for five of thoese years and is now in Blue Magic for the first time. Sinead Murphy has been playing Rep touch for four years and has been tought by many different coaches that have helped her along the way.By training two days a week this helped her to develope her skils and strengths. Sinead is very thankful of her two amazing coaches Laurnce and Drina who have done so much.


Jubilee Primary School

Prep-Year 6 2009-2015

Home and Parents

Sinead Murphy lives in Coomera, Gold Coast, Austraila 2014-2015

Previously she lived in Pacific Pines, Gold Coast, Australia 2004-2014

Sinead Murphy's Mother came from the Gold Coast, when she was 19 she moved to Sydney, then when she was 27 she moved back to the Gold Coast

Sinead's Father came from Sydeny, Australia when he was 32 he moved to the Gold Coast, Australia.

Most Interesting Story

When Sinead Murphy was 2 on her birthday she was climbing on what she trought was a farely safe ladder. Her Grandfather was working on their house so he had a box drill pieces sitting on the ladder so when Sinead started to climb up onto the ladder a drill fell into her foot and that was Grandpas present for Sinead. Sinead started rithing in pain so her family took her to the hospital and had the drill piece removed.The next day Sinead's family was relieved that the drill was out of their daughters foot so they started to camb down. But when they came into their daughters room she was crying and whining and they descoveredd there was still a small piece of metal still in her foot. :( :(

When Sinead was 3 she went to her cousins tennis game, happy that she was healthy and the drill piece was out of her foot she was in a positive mood.She went to sit down little did she know that there was a great big wasp nest on the back of the sit waiting to attack. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH she screamed in pain her mother came running over to se what was wrong and Sinead was stung by 12 great big wasps over and over and all the horror started again.

When Sinead was 4 she was at her cousins house playing. When her uncle and father came home she was excited so she ran outside to give her father and uncle a great big hug, But her younger cousin had the excate same idea. So when Sinead ran outside her cousin bolted and nocked her over coursing her to brake her arm. This was the day her family descovered she was accident prone.

When Sinead was 5 she was swimming at the beach with the rest of her family. Sinead went down to the water to see if she could go in. The water was perfect that day so she dived right in. After a while she started to feel a small sting then she was rithing in pain and all she could feel was venom going up and down in her body. Sinead was Stung by a MASSIVE Blue Bottle.

When Sinead was 6 she was at school having a a pirate day at shcool because they was a pirate play happening in the morning. When the play was over her class and herself went out to play a special pirate game. Sinead was just about to her go when she slipped and broke the very same arm again. :( :( :( :(

When Sinead was 7 she was playing a game footy at school with some of her friends. She was running around on the oval when someone bumped Sinead and she slipped and fell braking the same arm in the same place AGAIN:( Her parents wern't happy about it and their accident prone child.