Thursday's Thoughts

January 12, 2017

If I Knew Then: A Letter to Me on My First Day Teaching
I know it is not quite Teacher Appreciation Week yet, but I thought this was a great reminder to all of us during this tough time of the year. Let's all remember the reason why we are here even on the tough days. Keep pushing, continue building relationships, and always ask the question "Is this what is best for students." Enjoy your long weekend!

Tuesday, January 17th

Tuesday is a comp day. I will send you an email if you are not on the list as having earned a comp day. A technology staff development is being offered at Powdersville High for any one who did not earn the comp time.

Planning and Instructional Time

As we complete the second nine weeks, let's all continue to "teach like our pants are on fire!" We only have about 12 weeks before the testing window opens, so we must use every minute wisely. Keep the following in mind:

*Use assessments to differentiate your lessons and for grouping your students

*Reteach when necessary

*Have high expectations for learning


*Keep in contact with parents if students are not giving you their best!

*Create strong lesson plans to ensure students "get it."

*Make sure you are always supervising your students both in class and on the playground.

Upcoming Dates:

*Letters of Intent are due to Reggie tomorrow morning.

*Jan. 13th: End of second nine weeks

*Jan. 16th & 17th: No school for students

*Jan. 20th: House Party (more details to come)

*Jan. 24th: Faculty Meeting

*Jan. 26th: GoalPost open house

*Jan. 27th: LegACy Day