Mooresville Christmas Soup Kitchen

Please come and Join Us!

This Charity Event is a way to show the Homeless and Poor people in Mooresville that someone does care about them. This is also a way to say Merry Christmas to them. The money that we raise will help the homeless shelters have enough money to provide for the homeless. This will be a very great Charity Event and w hope that you are able to join us!

Mooresville Soup Kitchen

Saturday, Dec. 20th, 10am-10:15pm

781 Agape Drive

Mooresville, NC

This a Charity Event that will be held for all of the unfortunate people in Mooresville. We are doing this to help out all of the people who cannot get food, or cannot get a roof over their head. There will be plenty of food and drinks for all of the people that come. There will be plenty of fun activities such as movies, raffle tickets, board games, a play and gift baskets.