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What to Look For

It's probably safe to say you've heard the saying "Less is More." But when it comes to setting up your business within the realm of social media, more can sometimes be more. Unless you are constantly spamming others about your business through email, you can almost never do too much name-dropping. Since there are so many kinds of social media management platforms out there, you need a marketing company that cannot only use those platforms to your advantage, but even teach you how to manage the content that goes on each site and how to evaluate where your views are coming from. Everything is, in fact, a numbers game.

Reputation & Experience

this is the most important thing you should look for when it comes to locating the right social media marketing firm for you and your business. It is hard to judge a company by how many years they have been in the business since the social media game is so new. Even SEO is new to the marketing department, but finding a marketing service that has developed successful brands is one way you can see if they are successful. Check to see if they have published any case studies. This can let you know how effective they have been with their campaigns.

Social Media Distribution

There is four-legged monster in the networking world, and it's made up of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. These are the most well-known social media sites, and any social media marketing company will include strategies for each of them. In addition to these, numerous other sites can build your business through social networking, including:
- Digg
- Blogger
- YouTube
- Reddit
- Wikis
- Stumbleupon

Social media can be the arteries that carry the blood of your company. The social media marketing agencies we reviewed are very purposeful in how they set up your company to be seen by the masses. It isn't enough just to post stuff, as they say. No benefit will come from putting useless spam up on your social media accounts. Aside from the standard ways of using social media, there are a few instances where thinking outside the box can help you. The companies we reviewed don't just think outside the box, they are making new boxes. One of these ideas has been the implementation of blogging. Blogging can open up a completely new demographic for your business. Instead of releasing a press release, which is standard and can be a tad tedious, blogging gives you room for more creativity and will add more SEO credibility to your website.
One important feature you should focus on is the social marketing agency's policies about creating a profile for any of these social media sites; make sure that they will create one for you. Some companies will create pages for your company, but under their name so if you were to leave their services, you don't own your pages or profiles, and you will be back at square one. We let you know which ones will customize your profile.

Monitoring & Report

When looking for the marketing company with the right social networking tools, it's important to know that what kinds of analysis the firm offers. There are services that can give you monthly reporting to show you which of your social marketing campaigns are getting the most hits. You can also view in-depth and detailed reports for your marketing efforts on sites such as Twitter. A good social networking company will tell you what they are doing and how they are doing it, and the best companies will continue to be active in making sure your business is noticed on the web.
Another great aspect of an effective social media marketing expert is their ability to customize your brand or campaign to your geographic area. If you're business is located in Seattle, but your social media marketing agency is in New York, you'll want to be able to make sure they can reach the audience in Seattle and create a campaign that caters to the culture and lifestyle of your target audience.
Many social network marketing companies create social media networking campaigns that will deliver updated content to your clientele. One common way they'll deliver this content is through Facebook. However, just posting content is not enough. You may have many "likes" on your Facebook page, for example, but for some reason traffic has stopped going to your website or you aren't seeing the return you had hoped for. Aside from keeping content fresh, the best social media marketing firms will analyze where traffic is coming from and monitor whether any bad comments are keeping people from coming to you site.
Picking the right social media marketing service means finding one that will analyze certain keyword trends that show up about your company or service. Having real-time monitoring sent to your email or phone can also be beneficial for you, making it easy for you to check on your social media and marketing campaign no matter where you are.


Getting the right help takes time, and it's not always easy. We carefully evaluated each company's help and support system. The best social media marketing companies will give you options to contact them via email, live telephone support and even live online chat. You should also look for companies that will offer training to your company. While these social networking marketing agencies we reviewed will run the campaign for you, it can be effective for your employees to know what to look for and enhance the possibilities of reaching new clientele.

Plans & Pricing

All of the social media monitoring companies we reviewed set their prices according to their plans. Looking for a company who can tailor their social media marketing plan to your business needs will help you figure out your budget as well as the plan you will need. This, in turn, will determine their budget for you. There are no set prices, although some companies require a minimum monthly or yearly spending limit. Finding the best social media management service is becoming more and more essential in the business world. Choosing the right one will take your business to the next level and help you reach a new audience while retaining your current clientele.

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