Ireland is east of the North Atlantic Ocean and West of Great Britain located at 53 degrees north and 8 degrees west. Ireland has hills, mountains, sea cliffs, and some other great physical features.


Ireland believes that it orginated from the 1916 Easter Monday Uprising that failed. This started war strategies that resulted in independence from the UK in 1921. Then the "Troubles" started in Northern Ireland in the 1960's, which were really just issues that caused a couple of years of violence. Ireland's government had a process with the UK and US government, which created The Good Friday agreement in 1998. After world war 2, Ireland joined the European Union in 1977.


The flag was official on December 29,1937 and has three colors; green, white, and orange. Green represents Roman Catholic, Orange represents the Northern Irish Protestants, and the White represents hope for peace between the two groups.


Ireland has a Republic, Parliamentary democracy. In Ireland you use euros now, instead of the Irish Pound.

Where Should I Go?

What is the Capital of Ireland? What are some cities?

Fun/Extra Facts

Fun Facts

  1. Ireland is nicknamed the Emerald Island because of it expensive, lush, green fields.
  2. No part of Ireland is more than 70 miles from the coast.
  3. Until 1997, Ireland's constitution prohibited divorce.

Extra Mini Info

Ireland was not a founder of the EU, but it was part of the UK at one point.