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Light up the Holidays for these Families in need



This active single mother has three adopted sons and is very devoted to their well being. As a new mom, she is constantly adjusting to the financial and emotional needs of three sons with special needs. She works full time which leaves very little time for herself. She works diligently to provide for her family, but basic needs (housing, education and extracurricular outings) can quickly exhaust her earnings. For the most part, the boys are a joy to raise; however, their traumatic past does show itself in their daily functioning. Each child has loads of personality.Mom makes certain her sons spend a great deal of time on homework and has taught them to answer "yes, ma'am" and "yes, sir" to all adults. The brothers thoroughly enjoy playing together and would love toys to play with at Christmas. This deserving family would be most appreciative of any help they receive.


6-year-old Deveyahn is an inquisitive, happy little boy. He wears glasses and loves to ask questions about everything. He's not shy and loves to play wrestle with his brothers. He is very polite and smiles all the time. He has loads of energy and loves action figures.

Deveyahn's Wishlist:

-Action Figure Items (Flash, Iron Man, Shrek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

-Clothing: 7/8 boys size clothing, 13 size shoes

6-year-old DeVaunte is very playful. He loves to interact with other children his age. He is well mannered and listens attentively to adults. He appears to have adjusted well to his mom. He is very protective of his brothers and can't wait to play wrestle with them each day after school.

DeVaunte's Wishlist:

-Action Figure Items (Thor, Iron Man, Minions, Ninja Turtles)

-Clothing: 7/8 boys size clothing, 13 size shoes


This single mother and her three children are a very active and close family. Although Mom has fallen on hard times, she is keeping her spirits up and her thoughts positive for her children. She has raised them to be very respectful and independent, always stressing the importance of a good education. Mom would appreciate any help she gets to make Christmas special for her children.


Reubin is a very active teenager. At 15-years hold, he loves playing sports and hanging out with his friends. He lives with three females and sometimes just needs his space to do his own thing. He is a very respectful young man with high aspirations for his future.

Reubin's Wishlist:

-Hoodies: wears size XL in mens. Favorite colors are blue, black, red and gray. He also loves the University of Kentucky

-Sweatpants: wears size 2XL in mens. He prefers the kind that gather around the ankles (normal sweats). He loves the colors blue, black red and gray.

-2K16 for Xbox One: http://www.amazon.com/NBA-2K16-Early-Tip-off-Edition-Xbox/dp/B00XWE54NE He loves basketball and this gives him a way to unwind after school.


Jai'dyn is an active preteen that loves to dress up with the latest fashion trends on a budget. She is eleven-years-old and loves spending time with her family. She is all girl when is comes to the colors and styles. Pinks and purples are her favorite. She also loves lotions and lip gloss. Jai'dyn always has a smile on her face and a kind word to say.

Jai'dyn's Wishlist:

-Boots: She loves the new fashion with the pull on fuzzy warm ones. She likes the ones that they have at Wal-mart or other discount stores. Preferably a solid color like brown or black to go with her school uniform as well as her other clothes. She wears a size 8 in womens.

-Jogger Pants: She would like to have some jogger pants in pretty colors like pink, purple, or yellow. She wears a size XL in Juniors size.

-Shirts: She loves anything that is fashionable for a preteen and is not picky. She likes layer clothing as well. She does prefer to have the three quarter sleeve instead of the full long sleeve. She wears a size XL in Juniors.

-Stocking Stuffers: Fun little items such as lotions, jewlery, lip gloss sets, or a warm fleece throw


Charya is a vibrant seven-year-old girl girl who helps her mother out each day. She gets wonderful grades and is active with school functions. Charya is a very caring little girl and thinks about how she can help others before herself.

Charya's Wishlist:

-Jeans: she is in need of jeans to wear to school. She wears a girls 14 in skinny jeans which fit her the best.

-Boots: She wears a size 4 in girls. She prefers a solid color to wear with her school uniforms. Soft, warm boots in the colors of black, brown.

-Shirts: She wears a size 14-16 in girls sizes. She would love some trendy shirts but is not hard to please. She will also wear the trendy layers that the girls wear these days.

-Chocolate Pen: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Candy-Craft-Chocolate-Pen-Pink/45809553

-Doll Clothes (that fit her My Life Dolls): Charya would love to have some new clothes for her dolls. She has a few My Life Dolls and would like clothes to fit them. Wlamart has a very large selection of doll clothes for this brand dolls.

Deadline for all donations is Monday, December 14th

Donation boxes are located by Laura's desk - each family member has their own donation box.

Hope for the Holidays - Wrapping Party!

Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 2-4pm

Executive Conference Room - Building B (upstairs)

If you cannot donate but wish to still participate- there is still a way! All donations will be wrapped before giving to the families. Join in the party and help wrap the donations.

If you are interested - email Laura.Morrow@millerpipeline.com to sign up.