Red Devil Reflections

August 16

Fire Drill Friday during 1st Period

Congratulations to our Faculty Portrait Day Gas Gift Card Winners: Ms. Knight, Coach Lee, and Ms. Valdez! Thanks to all who took photos!

Solar Eclipse Day - Monday

Here are the things to know regarding Monday:
  • School hours are from 8:10 - 4:10
  • Faculty reporting hours are from 7:50 - the first wave of buses leave (4:30ish). Classified staff will work their usual hours, unless their schedule is adjusted by their supervising administrator.
  • 4th period will be from 1:35 - 4:10.
  • 4th Work-based Learning students must leave campus by 1:50.
  • Students will not be allowed to check themselves out after 1:50. After 2:00, only parents/guardians will be allowed to check-out students.
  • Students who are absent to watch the eclipse are allowed to make-up any work missed Monday. However, their absence is considered unexcused.

Opt-in Forms have been placed in 4th period teacher mailboxes. Please distribute them to students TODAY. Students must return the opt-in form to their 4th period teacher. If students do not turn in the opt-in form by Monday at 2pm, they will not be allowed outside.

Bell Schedule (may be tweaked based on when the eclipse event occurs)

  • At the top of 4th period, please show this video to provide guidance on how to view the solar eclipse safely
  • 2:15 Distribute glasses only to students who turned in a permission form.
  • 2:20 Bell to dismiss classes to their evacuation drill stations. Non-participating students will report to the Media Center, (if their 4th period class is in the Science/North building), Theatre (if their 4th period class is in the Main Building), or Gym (if they have Health, PE, or Band 4th period)
  • 2:30-2:45 Solar Eclipse viewing
  • 2:51 Tardy Bell

DCSD has provided glasses for all students and staff. 4th period teachers can pick up a class set of glasses beginning Friday (please do not wait until 4th period Monday). Please do not wear traditional sunglasses. Additionally, students should put on glasses once they are outside and about to view the event (the glasses are really dark).

Mr. Ingram and Dr. Jackson have provided duty stations for those teachers on 4th period planning.

You are encouraged to incorporate the event into your lesson plans tomorrow and Monday. Here is some resources (shout-out to Ms. Brown):

Students not outside will be able to view the eclipse in the Media Center and Theatre

Please contact me with any questions. Thanks!

Media Center Reminders

The Media Center can only accommodate a maximum of FIVE students (with an official pass) per class at any one time. We do not have the staff to supervise large numbers of students who are unaccompanied by a teacher, especially if several groups from different classes come at the same time. Please try to check the Media Center schedule in the DHHS Faculty and Staff Files before sending your students, or call the Media Center. Classes that have been prescheduled have priority over Media Center resources, so please be understanding if we send your students back when we are busy. Please be advised we do close for testing periodically throughout the school year and non-testing students will not be let in when testing is taking place.

The Media Center and computer lab calendars are available at Office 365 > Mail > DHHS Faculty and Staff > Files > Browse Library > Calendars. Please email or call Ms. Rascoe to add your class(es) to the Media Center calendar.

When sending students to the Media Center, please remind your students to follow the Media Center rules - no gum, no food, no drinks, no mobile devices. If they are using the computers, it needs to be for school related work, not social media or games.

Also, the Media Center cannot accept post-it notes, notebook paper notes, or any kinds of notes that are not "official" media center or student passes. The reason for this is simply because we get too many "notes" that are not teacher generated. The passes also need to be completed with student name, date, time, teacher signature, and destination where indicated. We send the students back to class when the proper forms are not presented and many times, it is not their fault. They tell us the teachers say they ran out of passes.

These passes are easily accessible: Office 365 > Mail > DHHS Faculty and Staff > Files > Media Center Pass. We will also accept official teacher passes and DHHS student passes.

Please print out a supply and keep them handy so we won't have to send your students back. We need to be able to determine who was legitimately sent to the Media Center and who may be skipping class.

Finally, substitute teachers, unless they are long-term subs, should not be sending students to the Media Center, even with a pass. We do not know these subs, and have no way of knowing if the signature on the pass is genuine. If pre-arranged in advance, subs may bring classes to the Media Center as long as the class is scheduled on the Media Center calendar.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us keep our students on task.

Social Worker Update

DCSD Support Services is finalizing our Social Worker placement as we speak. In the meantime, we currently have been assigned a Social Worker for emergency circumstances only. Please reach out to an administrator or counselor should you encounter a situation that may require support.

Ms. Akosua Moore

Congratulations to Ms. Moore, a genealogy expert, for her recently published articles about her family history research.

Here are the links: