I want THAT job!


Pilot, job description.

This job has many tasks, some pilots transport food and water to people who have been attacked by an earthquakes and are starved of food. Other tasks a pilot has such as flying commercial planes to transport people. In the military you get payed to fly jets around the field you have to have a certain amount of hours per week.

How does this career benefit society?

If we didn't have this job then we would not be able to transport important people across the country. Like are president we have to transport him by air. To get him to all the important places of the U.S. that needs public speaking. And also imagine the world without civilian air transport how would get to other parts of the world.

School requirements

Physics, computer science, algebra l, algebra ll, geometry, English.


Perfectionist, mental condition and physical condition you also need to learn teamwork cause that is fatl when your in the air.