Solo & Ensemble

Shawn Nitke

Solo & Ensemble

Saturday, April 26th, 8am

1600 West Prospect Avenue

Appleton, WI


Solo & Ensemble is an event that takes place in different schools each year in which students compete and try to better themselves and increase their ability to play music. I have competed in many events throughout my high school career and plan on competing until I graduate. This year, I am competing in three separate events. The following is an image of the first page of one of my solos:
Alto Saxophone

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When you submit your desired amount of pieces you wish to play to the WSMA State Solo & Ensemble staff, they will respond with the times that they scheduled you to play at. It is important to come early as they may be ahead of schedule.

Saxophone -J. Rueff: Chanson et Passepied
Trombone Solo Ensemble 2011