By: Sarah Herring

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  • Dark blue water that looks like the sky on a stormy night
  • In the winter a light coat of crystal snow covers the water
  • A trim of fresh green grass surrounding the water
  • At night the sunset with a mixture of pink, yellow, orange lights up the sky and leaves a reflection on the water


The locations of the Estuary's are all over the world. The location that I will be taking about is the Estuary at Long Island Sound.
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Abiotic Factors

  • Water
  • Air
  • Minerals in the water
  • Sunshine
  • Temperature
  • Climate

Native Plants

Native Animals

Weather Report

Average Precipition

  • The average precipitation is 34.2

Average High and Low Temperatures

  • The average low temperature is -14.7 C°
  • The highest temperature is 19.5 C°

What to Bring When Traveling to The Estuary's

  • Warm clothing (Long sleeves, Long pants, Hats, Gloves, Etc.)
  • Shorts, Tee- shirts (for warm days)
  • Swim suits (Swimming attire)


Threats to the Estuary's

  • Doing human activites
  • Canoeing Canoeing Swimming, etc.

Endangered Species

Why Is the Estuary's important?

The Estuary's are important because it is the habitat of a lot of animals. If the Estuary's did not exist then all of these animals would not have a home to live in.