Badlands National Park

By: Grant Ghormley


Long ago the Lakota and Arikara Indians lived and hunted in this land. In 1939 The Badlands was recognized as a National Monument, the area was redesignated as a "National Park" in 1978.


The average Climate for Badlands National Park is 90 in the summer 60 in the fall, 10 in the winter, and 70 in the spring.

Activities and events

Fun Facts

  • The Badlands is the only home of the black footed ferret.
  • Rocks in the park erode at a rate of 1 inch per year.
  • In WWII the military used 2,500 acres for an artillery range.

Association with Native Americans

The Lakota, Sioux, and Arikara Indians lived here. They used the land as breeding and hunting grounds.