Personality Test Accuracy

Sumeya Tummala

Personality Test vs. Actual personality

This poster reflects the accuracy and errors in the results of the Personality Test and my own thoughts on my personality.

Personality Test

I take control of situations, confident of myself. I enjoy leading and achieving my goals. I am a strategic thinker, which means I organize in advance and think ahead. I'm energetic, inspiring, and charismatic, which makes me able to get other people to believe and work for me and the ideas from me.

While I may be a leader, I can be too overpowering, forcing my ideas onto others and being stubborn. I can be arrogant, impatient, and ruthless, insensitive to other's feelings if it means I achieve my goals. I am poor at handling feelings, and sometimes understanding people becomes difficult.

My Thoughts on my Personality

I think I am an observant person who understands what someone is feeling, without them having to say it. However, that doesn't mean I'll do anything about it. I am sure that I will do almost anything to ensure that my goals are achieved, but I'm not too cold or ruthless. I am energetic and charismatic, able to convince others to understand my ideas. I don't think I am confident enough to overpower anyone, nor am I insensitive. I think I can handle my emotions and feelings well, ensuring that I don't break out. I do think that with enough time, I would understand someone.

Similarities vs. Differences

I think that a lot of it was similar. However, there were some differences that I saw. I am not over-confident in myself. I've actually struggled with actual confidence, often projecting it instead of feeling it. I can handle my emotions well, and I do understand other people's feelings. While I do understand them, I may not do anything about it. I do think that I am convincing through energy and charisma, though I'm not sure if I could randomly prepare an inspirational speech. I am an extrovert and I enjoy going out to either casual or formal events. I do agree very well that I will do almost anything to achieve my goals. I can be determined and driven to accomplish something, often thoughtless about others until the aftermath. I also agree that I am a strategic thinker, often planning and thinking ahead. However, I am open to sudden changes if needed or wanted.