Parker Sanders

My Personality


My personality shows that I am energetic, flamboyant, and has a great sense of humor. I love to tell jokes and even stories. I love to make creative, humorous, and fast paced presentations. My good sense of humor and fun personality inspires people to want to work with me.

5 Strengths

my first strength is my good sense of humor which will avoid conflicts by seeing through peoples jokes. My second strength is my creative mind which helps my projects from being normal and makes them be unique. My third strength is having energy that will keep me awake in class and be paying attention. My fourth strength is being able to be good on stage which helps me present projects and other assignments in class easily and effectively. My last, but not least strength is my inspiration to make people want to work with me which get assignments done faster.


My animal is the fox, who is a smart and athletic animal. They like to outsmart there predators and have a great survival stradegy to live off of. They will eat a long range of food. Living in a small, cozy enviroment is the best for them. They enjoy exploring the land they live on. They have good physical strength, but use their cunning smarts to beat their oppenents. 
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Careers and Hobbies

My five careers and hobbies are a lawyer, doctor, advertising, computer programmar, and gambling.

My Influence

MY influence would be my ability to have people want to work with me. This way I can work more efficiently and faster. I'm also very creative which helps my projects not be boring and usual.