By Collin Berg; Career planning assignment


  • Physicians who diagnose, treat, as well as help prevent mental disorders.

Educational Requirments

Educational Requirements for this career include 4 yrs of undergraduate school 4-5 yrs of medical school 2-3 yrs of residency and internship.

Personal Skills and Requirments

Psychiatrists must be able to judge how another is reacting and why he is reacting in that manner. Good psychiatrists have both inductive and deductive reasoning skills.Psychiatrists must be good listeners. Physicians are first and foremost healers.Working as a psychiatrist can at times be stressful. Sometimes the stresses are brief but intense, such as a patient who unexpectedly becomes extremely agitated.

Salary or Wages

Average income for a psychiatrist in Minnesota on average is about $207,070. Average in Rochester is $235,280 a year but in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area is only $202,690. Average hourly income for a Psychiatrist in Minnesota is about $100 an hour. These doctors are among the highest paid doctors in the U.S.

Advantages or benefits associated with this career

Psychiatrists who are self-employed can set their own schedules, choose the most interesting cases and set their compensation. Those working for a business receive the same perks to which all employees of that business are entitled. For example, at the University of California-San Francisco, residents in the Department of Psychiatry receive health insurance for medical, dental, vision, life and disability; malpractice coverage; vacation, sick leave and holidays; a contributory retirement plan; and day-and-a-half offsite retreat.

Disadvantages or difficult parts of this career

  • Some disadvantages are having to be able to work at anytime, spending a lot of time with patients, and patients can be hard to talk to at times.

Outlook for the career in the future

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment opportunities for physicians are expected to grow by 24 percent over the next several years. This rate is quicker than the average for most other occupations.
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A Day in the Life - Psychiatrist

Promotion or Advancment opportunities

There are no promotions available.

High school courses you can take to prepare for this career

Some high school classes you can take to prepare for psychiatry are Biology, Physics, English and Math.

College that offers the program

Grand Canyon University offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Science in Psychology with an emphasis in either General Psychology or Industrial & Organizational Psychology. Capella University offers this program.
  • It has a 95% alumni satisfaction rate. As well as it currently holds more than 500 professional alliances, including 19 of the top Fortune 100 companies.
  • Evaluation

    This line of work fits me personally and fits my aptitudes, skills and interests I think because I like helping people with their problems and I'm pretty fun and energetic so if I were to become a psychiatrist I think that help my patients. I would like being a psychiatrist very much. I chose tor research this career because my mother is a psychiatrist I find this career intriguing.