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October 13 afternoon: Salsa Tasting contest for Hispanic History Celebration Month


· Teaching buddy teams get together to make homemade (class-made) salsa. Family members can be invited to help with recipes and preparation. Students and staff will bring in their own salsa ingredients – perhaps as a morning activity from a farmer’s market, garden, or store OR it can be brought in individually. No Store-bought salsas will be accepted.

TIME LINE Tasting cups will be numbered and Voting papers will be made ahead of time.

· 1:30 - All salsas need to be in the cafeteria. Salsas not in the cafeteria by 1:30 are disqualified. No exceptions

· 1:30-2:00 - Volunteers will help spoon salsas into cups and prepare trays.

· 2:00 - participants (including families) will come to the cafeteria where they will sit at a table and be served a tray of one of each salsa. Each taster will vote for their favorite salsa by writing the number of the salsa on the paper. They will then turn in the voting paper at a voting box. The votes will be tallied and the winner revealed over the intercom system.


· 5 staff to help divide salsas into tasting cups and preparing competition grab-n-go trays

QUESTIONS FOR YOU, JASON à 1. can teaching teams have a stipend – like $10-15 per teaching team as per usual? 2. Can the school buy chips and tasting cups, and use school lunch plates/trays?

Achievement of Tenure

If last year was your Tenure year, please let me know when you would like to complete your portfolio presentation, if you haven't already.

This needs to be done by 10/15. Your bonus will then appear in your 10/29 check.

October 17: International Potluck 5:30 – 7:00 and parent/teacher conferences 4:00 – 8:00


· invitations go out to families

· Teachers communicate with families to encourage their attendance to potluck and conferences.

· school provides some base foods for potluck as if for any engagement night

· families, students and staff RSVP to bring food, indicating the heritage they are representing


· DJ’d music – need a music manager maybe?

· Families bring food as they arrive, take their dishes home with them as they leave.

· Several smart boards with quizzes to challenge participants

· Student art work displayed

· Henna artist.


· Staff to help wash dishes as necessary

· Staff to help guide families as they arrive

· Staff to help clean up afterwards

· Staff and/or students to manage music and smartboards

South Side Services

Southside Services provides support to adults with disabilities in Hennepin County. Students can receive one-on-one support with goals that fall outside the role of the school. Southside Services staff and T-Plus social workers can help assess if this is a good fit for students.

T-plus students can also attend recreational activities after school with Southside Services. Activities are free and rides home are provided. Activities include Book Club, Public Achievement, and Yoga. A calendar of activities will be distributed each month.

Students must be referred to the program by staff-ask your social worker for more information on this process. Students must complete an intake with Southside Services staff and get parent permission to participate. Stephanie Nelson is here on Mondays and Thursdays and Adam Ruff is here Mondays and Fridays in room C118. Please let them know if you would like more information!

Good Resources from NEA

This week’s School Practitioner community of practice:

Online at

The main topic is

>A colleague’s challenging concern about the Center’s call to action


>Schools and Crisis -- It seems every day brings another crisis for schools to address. So many schools are in the throes of dealing with the aftermath of the hurricanes and storms. Now some have to address the tragedy in Las Vegas. A quick aid related to this is the NEA article which offers advice from the National Association of School Psychologists for talking to students about violence and other national tragedies. See Mass Shooting in Las Vegas: How to Talk to Students

If you haven’t done so, feel free to access the new free book entitled:

Addressing Barriers to Learning: In the Classroom and Schoolwide

and other free resources by going to the Center's homepage at

Donor's Choose

If you are looking for additional resources for your classroom and want to set up a Donor's Choose, please see Vicki. She can help you to get this done.

Upcoming PD for ESP staff

As stated at the beginning of the year- I have chosen Option 2 for us all to be together.

Option 2: Swap November 3rd for November 2nd Site-Based PD

November 2nd is a non-duty day for ESPs. Principals may elect to permit ESPs to swap their November 3rd PD day for November 2nd in order to allow ESPs to participate is school site PD with the rest of the staff. Verification of attendance and training provided by school site / work site.

If you still need CPR or CPI

Option 4: ESPs participate in PD on November 2nd and November 3rd

ESPs may participate in PD on both November 2nd and November 3rd. If ESPs are asked to participate in the site PD on November 2nd, they can also attend the CPR training on November 3rd if they need recertification.

Upcoming Dates at T-Plus

Tuesday--------------Team 2 meeting--------------- 8-8:45

Wednesday---------Team 3 meeting--------------- 3:15-3:45

Thursday ------------Team 1 meeting----------------8- 8:45

October 12----------Site Council---------------------- 4:30-5:30p

October 12----------Project Search Info Night----4p-6p

Friday ----------------- CBI Friday---------Salsa Competition

October 17----------- International Potluck

October 17 & 18--- Conferences