Sir Francis Drake

The Explorer

Biographical Information

Sir Francis Drake was born during 1540-1544. He died in the year of 1596. His nationality was English. Drake's career was ship captain and explorer. His homeland was Devonshire, England.

Nation of Sailing

The nation that Drake sailed for was South America. In 1560 he was given command of the Judith which was their ship. Drake and his cousin John Hawkins sailed to Africa and worked illegally as slave traders. After that they sailed to New Spain to sell captives to settlers. In 1572 Drake embarked on his independent voyage to Panama.

Circumstances of death

Drake was a vice admiral. His last expedition was with John Hawkins to West Indies. The Spanish were prepared for Drake to come but they did not kill him. He died on January 27,1596 of dysentery, which is an infection of the intestines, off the coast of Portobelo,Panama.

Historically Significant

Drake participated in some of the English slaving voyages to Africa and earned a reputation for privateering,or piracy, against Spanish ships and possessions. He was sent by Queen Elizabeth ll to South America in 1577. Then he went home via the Pacific and became the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe. He was rewarded by the queen with knighthood. In 1588 Drake served as second-in-command during English victory over the Spanish Armada. He was the most famous mariner of Elizabethan age and died off the coast of Panama in 1596 and was buried at sea.


During September 1578 he left with three ships and sailed the deadly Straight of Magellan with speed and ease only to emerge into terrific Pacific storms. In 1577 he left England with five ships to go to the Nile. When he was going down the Atlantic South American coast he battled storms, separations, dissension, and fatal skirmish with natives. Drake went far to the South so he was able to sail North along the Pacific South American coast.

Financed voyages

Queen Elizabeth the first and England financed his voyages. Queen Elisabeth gave Drake 5 ships, some men, diamonds, and $11,000. When Drake returned home from exploring Queen Elizabeth held a feast to honor him and raised him to Knighthood. Not only did Queen Elizabeth finance his voyages her War Party Council helped finance.


He was the first Englishman to sail around the world. He sank many Spanish navy ships in the port of Cadiz. Drake was the vice admiral of the fleet that defeated the Spanish Armada. Drake tutored a lot and was the loyal subject of Elizabeth I. Drake's place in British History is more important than his person.

Most Famous Achievements

He went all around the world to find certain places. In 1588 he helped defeat the Spanish Armada. After that he was renowned as seaman of the Elizabethan era. In 1577 he was the leader of an expedition intended to pass South America.
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