Registration for Sophomore Year

Picking courses for next year!


This is a very exciting time - the time to choose the courses you will take next year as a Sophomore at Niles North. We will look at your grades, teacher recommendations, and graduation requirements. I encourage you to also come to this meeting ready with a wish list of courses for us to choose from for your electives.

Please utilize the Planning Worksheet you received in home room last week to organize and think through your course options. If you have lost your worksheet, I am attaching one here for you to download.

Please click the "Sign Up HERE!" button below and sign up for a registration appointment day and time. Your appointment will only take about 10 minutes. Remember, you must schedule your appointment during a free period. Below you will also find the Niles North bell schedule to help you pick the best time.

Meetings will only be this week: February 1st - February 5th

As always, if you have any questions please let me know! See you soon!

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Extra Registration Worksheet

(click here to download a new worksheet incase you lost the one you got in home room)