"Here ye,Here ye"! It's the M,A,T,G

the most awsome tech games!

Come before it's to late!

it's the most epic games yet!!! you've seen the hunger games! you've seen james bond! but now there the thing of the past!because the m,a,t,g is coming to a rec center near you!!


Wednesday, May 22nd 2013 at 2:45-7:45pm

Flechers creeck

come early and get a $20 gift card! don't be late!


2:45-3:00 arrivings

3:00-3:45 instructions

3:45-5:45 playing

5:45-6:15 eating

6:15-7:30 playing

7:30-7:45 leavings

We are M,A,T,G

Remember. Come early for a $20 gift card!!