Service Clubs

All of the WJHS service club information you could want

Club MAD

Run by Mrs. Valentine

In Club MAD, students meet every month at the designated club time, and often more than once a month. They talk about service projects that they can do to help others. Club MAD's purpose is to raise money for civic and charitable donations. They also help out places like the animal shelter and nursing homes. Joining club MAD is a good way to serve others and give back.

Youth for Christ

Run by Coach Barrett.

Youth For Christ (Y.F.C.) Club is a voluntary, student led, non-denominational club where students can choose what activities they would like to engage in including Christ centered discussions, personal testimonies, listening/viewing Christian speakers, bible study, etc. Interested students can voluntarily choose to participate in strengthening and sharing their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The purpose is to provide a club were interested students can voluntarily pursue seeking the true purpose in life and those who believe in God can choose to participate in strengthening and sharing their personal relationship with God. It is a great opportunity to encourage and strengthen a person who wants to live in relationship with Christ, relate to others who share a similar goal/faith, and develop and support the Wildcat Way

Children's Hospital

Run by Mr. Price

Children’s Hospital club meets once a month at the designated club times, but the President, Vice President, and Committee leaders have extra meetings When this club meets, they talk about things they can do to raise money for the Arkansas Children’s Hospital and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. They also do a toy drive at Christmas time. Some of the fundraisers they have done include SIDS awareness week, and they are thinking of having something similar to a rewards seminar to raise money. The Children’s Hospital club raises a lot of money each year. They split the donations between the hospitals and the kayden foundation at the end of each year. This club is an easy way to make a difference in the lives of sick children.

Special Olympics Supporters

This club is run by coach Tabor. They meet at least once a month at the designated club time. In this club, they support the Special Olympics. They also raise money to help the Special Olympics.