1930s Language Arts Project !

By: Tori Stewart

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was an American tradgedy that occured in the 1930s - the early 1940s. The disaster began when the vast majority of the american people invested in the U.S. stock market. These actions combined with a severe economic downturn created the terrible situation where most americans lost EVERYTHING. Thier houses, cars, and any other personal property were sold in order to feed families. It was so severe that some buisnessman took thier own lifes and even through them selves out of windows because they didnt want to live the life that was in thier future. The majority of Americans did not see a bright future for them selfs or thier families.

How does the book relate to the event?

             In the book "To Kill a Mockingbird" it showed the reader the cost of innocence, because of the dreary times the U.S. was in it forced children into early adult challenges that took away thier innocence. These children were forced into work and adult duties in order to help support the family.            The killing of the childrens innocence is the same as killing a mockingbird, whose only purpose is to fill the worlds air with beautiful graceful music. The death of Tom Robinson is also an example where Harper Lee connects the reader to the times of the era.           In the novel many families were effected by the Great Depression for example the Cunningham's (who dont take things they cant pay back) because the family was dirt poor so when ever they had to pay things back they'd use natural goods such as pine nuts and fire wood.