September Counseling HWW News

Welcome to another great year!

What is a Counselor?

A counselor is a guidance teacher that is there for the students. It is a person that students you can turn to when they need help. They know how to listen and can help kids with life's challenges. Counselors have special training in how to help kids solve problems, make decisions, and stand up for themselves.

That doesn't mean your counselor will wave a magic wand and the problem will go away. But it does mean he or she will help you cope with it. Coping is an important word to know. Sometimes, kids and grown-ups have difficult problems. Coping means that someone is trying to handle these problems and make things better.

Your school counselor is available for you and wants to make your school experience the best it can be. The counselor's job is to take your problem seriously and help you find a solution. The counselor also wants to help you learn as much as you can in class, be a contributing member of the school community, and be a positive influence on your environment.

So who I am?

My name is Olena Alonso. I was born in Venezuela and I have been living in Houston for 20 years! I spend 7 years working in Pasadena ISD first as a teacher and then as a counselor. I received my School Counseling masters degree in the University of Houston in Clear Lake. This is my second year in The Branch School. I have two little ones here too. We are very happy to be part of this school community.

How to survive middle a parent

In here I am linking some articles that I found interesting about middle school and about the changes that occur in the kids.

lets get organized!

Organization is a very important skill that every middle school student should have. Our goals as teachers, is to help the students get organized here in school. As parents, please try to teach them how to be organized with their school things in their homes too. Each student has a planner. In class, the HWW teachers and I will talk to them about how to use them. They are a great tool to be organized. I am also sharing some links about organization strategies in middle school.

My contact information

Please fell free to call or email me if you have any issues that you think I can help with.