The Scientific Revolution

By: Duaa Jassem

What was the Scientific Revolution?

The Scientific Revolution happened at the same time as the Renaissance and Reformation in Europe. It changed how people saw the world. It was mostly a revolution about the study of nature and it changed the way people thought. It was when people started asking more questions about how things worked. An example is Copernicus with the heliocentric theory instead of the geocentric theory.

How did the scientific revolution impact society at the time?

The church reacted with fear to the revolution. It changed the way people looked at science because they started to see it in a positive way. It continued to weaken the power of the church. It also changed the way people thought because they started to wonder if things they were taught were not true.

How did the Scientific Revolution impact today?

It helped us move toward making new technology and new sciences. The medical break through caused medical procedures to work better. It led to industrialization and new inventions. It also split up church and state which is how our society is today.

who were the people associated with the change?