Come to the Cool Colony's

By: Madam Lanie Nevil of New Neatherland

The Colony's

Do you want to live along the coast? Do you farm, trade, shopkeep, teach, miller, watch make, silversmith, or blacksmith? Is religion important to you? If you just answered yes to all of those questions then the colony's would be perfect for you!
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Nice New England

This is all about the New England Colony if you decide New England is not for you, you always have the middle and southern.

  • New England is the coldest colony.
  • People there farm, build ships, fish, cut down trees, whale and trade.
  • New England also trades oil lamps, candles and perfume.
  • To live in New England you need to have Puritan beliefs.
  • New England has thin rocky soil and forests.
  • They also have natural resources such as timber, fishes and whales.
  • Some settlements are Massachusetts, Providence, Connecticut.
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Marvelous Middle

Didn't like New England? Well you should check out the middle.

  • The Middle colony is warm but not the warmest.
  • They mine, farm, they are sailors, and trade.
  • The Middle colony has rich soil.
  • They also have natural resources such as wheat and Iron.
  • The Middle is accepting to all cultures.
  • They also get along with Native Americans.
  • Some settlements are New Netherland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.
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Super Southern

Didn't like New England or the Middle? Well time to look at the southern.

  • The south is flat and with rich soil.
  • It is also the warmest of all the colonies.
  • Some of the natural resources are tobacco, rice and indigo.
  • Some jobs are farmers, traders, and cutting down trees
  • They make cash crops such as tobacco and rice.
  • Catholics are a big religion in the south.
  • Slaves work on plantations.
  • Some settlements are Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, and Baltimore.
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