Sundancer Times

August 31

Navigating this new Frontier

We have smoothed out some of the rough edges in the first couple of weeks, but we continue to find areas that need refining. We are reflecting and making improvements all the time. Thank you for your grace during this transition.

We understand how much of the weight parents, grandparents and other caretakers are lifting, and how you have had to adjust your home life to accommodate visitors. You did not ask for twenty house guests every morning (and that's if you only have one child!). However, you do have lots of curious kiddos peeping into your house each day! Please keep these things in mind:

  • The camera has a pretty wide lens and can see beyond a child's head and shoulders. Please ensure anyone walking within camera range is appropriately covered.
  • The microphone picks up a lot of background noise! Please be aware of the language being used in the house.

Think of it as if you were hosting a kid's birthday party at your home (or sending your child to a friend's birthday party). What would be acceptable for your kids to see and hear at someone else's home? Would parents feel comfortable sending their child to your kiddo's party? We know that a party has invited guests, and you did not sign up to host a party! But here we are in this really interesting boat where we must rely on each other to keep kids at the top of the agenda.


The good news is, there is a little more flexibility with attendance this year. Your child can earn attendance credit by logging in to their class or engaging in the classwork before midnight the same day. A couple of things to keep in mind with this:

  • Attendance and grades are two separate things. Being present does not mean the work was completed satisfactorily (or completed at all). Please check in with your child and your child's teacher to ensure your kiddo is staying on top of their assignments.
  • Sometimes your child will be absent (they were not logged in to their class meeting and they were not able to engage in any way before midnight). If this is the case, please call the absence in to Abby at 434-5804 or scan doctor's note to to ensure the absence is excused.

Medical Conditions/Shots

Kids are at home now, but we have to make sure that all information is in place when kids return. This includes shots being up to date and medical conditions (allergies, asthma, etc.) being reported to Nurse Destiny Dubrule. She may be reaching out to you if she finds information is not matching up to what may have been on file last year. Your child's health and safety is a priority now.

YWCA Full Day Child Care

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Library Card Sign Up Month

Our amazing librarian, Ms. Castaneda, will be walking the kids through how to sign up for a digital library card to make sure kids have access to all the books and resources the public library has to offer! If you do not wish for your child to sign up for a library card, please see the button below.
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Parent Support for Students with Special Needs

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