WC Cyber Program Newsletter

November 2020

Greetings from Dr. Barnello

The WC Cyber Newsletter would like to welcome Mr. Andy Grear as interim Secondary Cyber Administrator while Dr. Barnello is out on leave until mid-December. He is based out of Henderson High School as he serves as an administrator there as well. Please contact him at by phone at 484-266-3313 or by email at agrear@wcasd.net should you have any questions or concerns. We wish you a wonderful, restful, and healthy Thanksgiving break!

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Teacher Spotlight - Dr. Linton - Cyber AP Chemistry

Say hello to Dr. Linton - one of teacher spotlights for November!

Did You Know?

  • She has been teaching for 12 years.
  • She has a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • She recently adopted a 2-year old dog named Molly!

Cyber Highlights

To better prepare for this school year, Dr. Linton became a certified Google educator (level one) over the summer. She has also been utilizing Explain Everything, an iPad app that allows her to seamlessly record videos and annotate her chemistry notes at the same time. It has been incredibly helpful to demonstrate, remotely, how to solve complicated AP Chemistry problems.

In Her Own Words...

“I love teaching AP Chemistry. Chemistry connects to many parts of our lives, and it is so rewarding to help students make the connections to what we are learning in class to the real world. It is a challenging class, but it is also a class that really helps students prepare for college. Every year former students come back and say how grateful they are to have taken the class in high school.”

Teacher Spotlight - Dr. Sarita Brown-Mtichell - Cyber Math 6

Did You Know?

    • Math and English language arts are Dr. Brown-Mitchell's two favorite subjects.
    • She wanted to be a teacher since she was a child, and her 3rd grade teacher used to give her old books so that she could go home and "play school" with her younger sister and neighborhood friends.
    • Besides teaching in the classroom, Dr. Brown-Mitchell's evolving educational experience has led her to roles such as assistant principal and university adjunct at local institutions.

Cyber Highlights

Dr. Brown-Mitchell notes that she "tries to use different ways to engage students in interacting with the content." One way is through music. There is a site that she found called "Muzology" that turns math lessons into music. For those that catch on to songs quickly, this is a great way for students to learn through music. She also created a Jeopardy game review that her class played during a live class that students really enjoyed. Teaching through Cyber is a new, unique challenge for her, so she is continuously looking for fun ways to have students explore Math in this virtual classroom environment.

In Her Own words

"I appreciate the ongoing support from parents/guardians. I am a parent, as well, so I understand the angst surrounding the climate of our day to day and juggling all that we are! No one would've expected what 2020 has brought us, but working as a team with my parents/guardians has created an awesome village. I think every year I've been in education, there has been something new for me! I think this year takes the cake haha! However, as challenging as this year has been, I am so grateful for the time with my daughter & family."

Coach's Corner - Updates from Ms. Sammarone

Hello Everyone!

With Thanksgiving upon us, I wanted to take the time to extend my gratitude to you and your students. I know that this year has been a challenge for so many of you, but please know that I am grateful for all of the hard work and support you are putting forth to ensure a successful school year.

This month, we welcomed more students into the Cyber Center for independent work sessions, organizational help, coaching, and connecting with teachers. Please note that your student is welcome to stay for longer than the hour time allotted if you see back-to-back sessions on the Calendly sign up. Just let me know and when I send the confirmation email, I will update that correspondence accordingly. Of course, if you would prefer that I meet with your student via Zoom to go over any of the aforementioned activities, those sign ups are still available as well. We will resume appointments in the Cyber Center when the WCASD moves out of the remote phase. Any current appointments will be changed to a Zoom meeting at that time.

As per the "Helpful Tip" in this month's newsletter, I have added more resources to help with student attendance. I appreciate your patience and grace with this process. Please know that I am working very diligently to help streamline the process. After two months of investigating, I am hoping that you will take a look at the new resources provided. I am happy to Zoom with your student to help talk them through the process if it is still getting lost within their school day.

All in all, things are well in the Cyber Center. I look forward to our continued partnership as we finish out this wild 2020 calendar year!

Ms. Sammarone


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