Cam Newton

He shows great character

He Helps Kids battle through Cancer

Cam Newton star Qb of the Carolina Panthers lives a busy life, but still reaches out to the community. Before one of his big games Cam spent time to hang out with cancer fighter Braylon Beam. Cam could of just done his normal pre-game warm-up with the team but he used most of t to make this young boy happy. That's some major respect

More Great Things

Cam has also taken his own time on Halloween to meet ids with cancer. Elijah Hughes was the 10 year boy that Cam surprised with an ice-cream truck and Cam being there. Tis was on Halloween. Another reason why he shows character.

Some Images with Braylon and Elijah

He Has Helped Feed Many Hungry People

Every year Cam helps feed hungry children at his Cam Jam. He gives around 900 children a year a Thanksgiving. Not only did he pay for it all, but he actually helped cook and hang out with the children. This another thing Cam does to shoe great characters.