Cuban Christmas Traditions

By Taylor Moore

Cuba's Location

Cuba is located in the Caribbean 150 km south of Key West, Florida.
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Christmas Eve Meals

There are many meals that are served during a Cuban style Christmas. A meal that is served for a Christmas Eve party includes Lechon Asado (roasted pig), Moros y Cristiano (black beans and rice), and Cuban cider to drink.
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Christmas Festivities

Christmas festivities begin with a traditional carnival-like street party called a Parranda. During these festivities, floats are displayed and there are massive fireworks shows.
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Similarly to the United States, homes and public places are decorated with things that are generally associated with Christmas. Trees, lights, and other types of decorations can be seen in many places during this time.
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Noche Buena

A tradition that Cuba has that is similar to the US is gift giving. Noche Buena (the "Good Night") is when Santa Claus, or Nino Jesus, fills kids' stockings that are placed near the manger scene.
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