Are you safe on the internet?

Chloe Miller

Internet Saftey

With internet websites thriving in today's technology, kids need to learn internet safety and when they could be in danger or risk of getting cat-fished. 88% if teens have seen someone be mean or cruel to another person on a social media site. There was an increase in child predators bringing the number up to 747,408. Set up guidelines for your teens to make sure they are safe from predators.

How to make sure you're safe

IF you have someone on the internet that you've been talking to for awhile, and you wanna know if they are real, ask to Skype or oovoo. It will give you a chance to see their face and see if they are real. Be careful to not give out really personal information to someone you barely know. Don't post any inappropriate pictures of you or anyone else. If you follow these 3 rules, you should be safe.