War elephants

by: Jack Kremer

Who used war elephants?

Many ancient rulers used war elephants. The Persians used war elephants against Alexander The Great. Egyptians and Carthaginians began using the war elephants too. The most extensive use of war elephants was by Hannibal.

What types of elephant were used in battle?

There are 3 types of elephants. The most commonly used elephant is the elephant closest to you. If you were in Africa you would use African elephants. If you were in Asia you would use an Asian elephant. If you were in India you would use an Indian elephant.

Fun Fact

  • The average weight of an african elephant is 15,000lbs

When were war elephants used?

In 331 BC The Persians used war elephants against Alexander The Great. The first major battle using war elephants was in the battle of Heraclea in 280 BC against the Romans. The most common use was by Hannibal in the Second Punic War.

What did war elephants do?

War elephants were used like horses but were taller, stronger, and scarier. Archers rode them to shoot at the enemy because they were tall. Also, elephants frightened the enemy's horses. Elephants' thick skin gave them protection.

Are war elephants still used today?

No, war elephants are not used today. War elephants are not used today because most elephants are endangered.