Parts Of The Plants

And How They Work

Did You Know ?

Plants grow and get there food from two processes called photosynthesis and respiration. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants and some other organsims use sunlight to produce foods from carbon dioxide and water. Respiration is where the plants convert sugar into energy.

Plant Parts and their functions


The roots are what hold the plant in place and also allows the plant to draw nutrition and minerals needed for growth.


The stem is what helps the plant grow straight ,and it is the transport system for water and minerals coming from the ground.


The leaves of a plant are the food factory for the plant and they produce energy through photosynthesis that the plant needs. Leaves are also covered by a cuticle and stomata to help prevent water loss in plants. when water is loss through the stomata it is called transpiration.


The flower is the site of  reproduction for the plants. Weather and insects are responsible for transferring pollen from one plant to another during fertilization.

The Parts Of The Plants Video

The Parts of a Plant


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