Write Tools

Kailey Shannon


T-Tables are The color coded plan.

  • the colors are green, yellow,and red
  • the colors help organize it

Core 4 topic sentences (green)

The core 4 topic sentences are the topic sentence and the conclusion.

  • the sentences are question, number statement, simple statement, and situation stance


Transitions are needed in the big ideas (yellow) to transition the topic to the next.

  • transitions are to help know that you are moving on to the next topic

Main idea sentence (yellow)

The main ideas switch to the next topic.

  • Main ideas include the transitions
  • you normally have three main ideas

Detials/Tell me more (red)

The details help describe the topic.

  • details help tell you how to do things or where and when they happend

conclusion sentences (green)

The conclusion sentences is the last sentence so this sentence you wrap the whole paragraph up in this last sentence.

  • when you are at the conclusion sentence you should make sure it makes sense and wraps the paragraph up