The Maya Tribe

Jaden Gallenberg

It's not easy

Life in the Maya tribe wasn’t easy. The couldn’t go to mcdonald's for a big mac, they had to hunt their own food or grown there food. What the Maya tribe usually ate whatever the got they ate every part of it , none of it was wasted. What they ate was corn, beans,squash and cassava. The maya tribe used tools just like we do now, but their tools weren’t made out of steel or iron, theirs were made out of stone and wood and clay and granite. There tools did help but didn’t last as long as ours.

There cities

The Maya’s cities held a population around 5000 to 50,000, but the Maya population was around 2,000,000. The maya tribe probably had more people than but that was the population they recorded. The archaic period ,prior to 2000 b.c, saw the first developments in agriculture and the earliest villages. the preclassic period 2000 b.c to 250 a.d saw the establishment of the complex societies in the maya religion and the cultivation of the stable crops of the Maya crops of the Maya diet, including maize,beans,squash,and chilli peppers.

Fun Facts!

Fun facts

1. Did you know the word shark is a Mayan word.

2. Did you know 7 million Mayans still live today

3, The Mayans were the ones who created are number system.