Pi Day Algebra

Practice Every Day Algebra Topics with a Pi Day Twist

Free Algebra Activity: Exponential Equations Pi Day Card

Create a few Pi Day smiles with this practice designed for Algebra 1 students on solving exponential equations WITHOUT the use of logarithms.

The Pi Day Twist:
Students solve 15 equations (out of 26) before receiving a Pi Day Card. Students use answers to decode the hidden message. Since the Pi Day Card is addressed “To My Wonderful Teacher,” students are essentially sending you, the teacher, the card when they turn in their work. “Oh what thoughtful students I have!

The Content:
Find 26 exponential equations that can be solved easily with the rules of exponents (Rules: Product, Quotient, Power to a Power, Zero power, Negative Exponents). Easily differentiate by giving struggling students a scaffolded version of the same worksheet.

★Common Core Standard: SSE.A.2, SSE.B.3c, REI.B.3