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October 14, 2016

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A Note From Jen and Jane

Did you know... all of our newsletters are archived on our LibGuides? When you know you have read about a topic of interest, a new idea, or an upcoming professional development, but can't remember where or when:

We have received many, many requests for information featured in recent newsletters. While we don't mind pointing you directly to the information, you will get instant access by searching the newsletter archive yourself.

ESSA Presentation

Visit NYLA's website for the PowerPoint from the ESSA workshop held on October 1st. Along with the presentation, you will find many links with information to help you better understand ESSA and the possible implications for school librarians.
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Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

Please be sure to visit MyLearningPlan to register for upcoming professional development opportunities:

Code U

Join us at the Center of Gravity on November 9th from 8:30 am - 3:00 pm as we learn about coding. Featured presenters include:

  • David Hawkins, School Librarian in New Lebanon
  • Carolyn Strauch, Model Schools Coordinator at Questar III
  • Janet Carmosky, Albany Can Code

Our goals for this professional development opportunity include having fun, learning about coding, and developing a community of learners who want to continue exploring ways in which coding fits into the curriculum.

This workshop, along with the PLC to follow, are all free thanks to bullet aid received from Senator Marchione.

Registration is now open on MyLearningPlan.

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30 Multicultural Books Every Teen Should Know

Visit to see their recommendations for 30 multicultural books every teen should know. In addition to a great reading list, offers mulitmedia resources and lesson plans to introduce your students to these titles and authors.

All available titles have been purchased in OverDrive so you and your students can begin reading from this list now.
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Results to Last Week's Poll - How Do You Promote OverDrive?

How do you promote OverDrive eBooks and audiobooks in your school?

  • Promote at Freshman Orientation
  • Add teacher accounts
  • Posters
  • Announcements, PSAs in the morning and afternoon.
  • Helping students download the app and check out materials.
  • I teach a lesson about finding reading materials which includes our catalog, OverDrive, and the public library catalog.
  • If a student asks for a book, I can get it through OverDrive in minutes! I'm a librarian rock star!
  • I present to students in their classes on how to search and download titles.
  • Promote during direct instructional time with students, via my web site, and online via my library catalog.
  • I push into ELA classrooms to demonstrate OverDrive. I also hand out a step by step tutorial.
  • I send letters home to parents so they are aware of the collection.
  • I project eBooks in class and let students follow along as we read.

For more promotional materials and ideas, please see OverDrive's Marketing and Outreach page:

Feel free to download and edit materials on this page to make them your own.

Ideas from Jen and Jane:

  • Ask students to suggest titles. We make purchases often.
  • When you booktalk popular titles, remind students that they are available in OverDrive.
  • Does your school have a reading challenge during the year? That's a great time to promote OverDrive!
  • At new teacher orientation, highlight the collection and have OverDrive tutorials available. We can help sign up new teacher accounts.
  • Create a Collection on the OverDrive website to promote. We can help! Give us a theme, an author, or a list of titles you want to highlight.
  • Having an author visit? Let us know! We can add titles by that author, or create a collection to highlight.
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Author Event This Weekend

Hello Friends,

I'll be chatting about and signing copies of my new novel, ROAR LIKE A GIRL, on Sat Oct 15, from 1- 3 p.m., at The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany, and on Sat Nov 12, from 11 am to 1 p.m, at Market Block Books, Troy and would LOVE to see you!



Coleen Murtagh Paratore

New Book, 8-2-16: ROAR LIKE A GIRL -- Willa Havisham is Back!!

FIREFLIES: A Writer's Notebook


Writing it Right